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K Sneed

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Big Ear Piggy Bank
We received this adorable Big Ear Piggy Bank promptly and in perfect condition! It was well shipped and protected during its journey. When we opened the box, my kids were so excited to play with the little guy! He is perfectly cute and is excellent quality. You can tell that this piggy bank will stand up to the test of time! I think he would be a great gift for any child or any expecting mom. Really the best and cutest piggy bank I've come across! Thanks!


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Piggy Bank
We need a vacation fund!


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Baby to Grow Bracelet
My husband and I gave the Baby to Grow bracelet to our precious daughter on her Christening Day. It's a gorgeous bracelet with a beautiful story about the day that she was given the bracelet (and penny) and who she will become when she wears this bracelet again. It's my favorite keepsake from this special time in her life and displayed proudly in her room. Thank you for a beautiful gift that will be full of happy memories.


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Camper Bank
Sittin' on the dock of the bay.....................

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