Wholesale Baby Items!

  Child to Cherish’s  handpainted piggy banks are a fantastic new twist on a time old tradition: giving children piggy banks to teach them to save money. The tradition was quickly growing out of style- more parents than ever had given up on the idea of a traditional piggy bank, opting instead to give their children something chicer and sleeker to put their money in. Child to Cherish’s  handpainted piggy banks brought the idea back from the brink of death by giving parents the best of both worlds- the nostalgia of the tradition of giving children piggy banks to store their money in, but made better with the warming and modern designs that these new piggy banks have.

  Piggy Banks for kids are the go-to child keepsake- for good reason! After What better way is there to teach children the value of self-denial and saving up money for a rainy day? Piggy banks for kids aren’t just a gift that you give to rid yourself of an obligation, they’re a genuinely useful keepsake that kids can actually use to learn lessons that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Child to Cherish’s piggy banks for kids give you the chance to teach kids the money smarts they need to take on tomorrow. The best thing is that these piggy banks also serve as mementos to their past that they can look back on fondly when they grow up!

  Looking for wholesale baby items to give away at a major personal or community event? Child to Cherish has you covered! Our selection of wholesale baby items has everything you could possibly think of, and then some! Our baby items are beautiful in their design and superior in their craftsmanship, all while being competitively priced to boot. Ordering our products means coming out ahead- your family members, customers, or guests are sure to thank you for having such beautiful baby keepsakes on hand. Be sure to ask about our dramatic cost-cutting reductions on wholesale baby items.

Deciding on baby shower gifts to give can be quite the conundrum- on one hand you want to give something that’s new. Something that’s refreshingly unique. On the other hand, you want to make sure that your gift isn’t so unique and so outlandish that its significance ends up completely flying over the heads of those that you gift it with.  At Child to Cherish, our gifts are designed to give you the best of both, with neither of the drawbacks. Our keepsake boxes, our measurement kits, and our beautifully detailed piggy banks are just three examples of the multitude of things that you warrant a gasp of excited approval whenever you give them to someone as a baby shower gift.

  Christening gifts can be a difficult topic to tackle. There’re so many sentiments that you want your gift to convey: your happiness for the event itself, your gratitude for being given an opportunity to partake in this monumental moment in a fledgling child’s life, and your support for the parents of the child in the long road ahead. At Child to Cherish, we’ve created gifts that capture these essences perfectly. Whether it’s one of our unique keepsake boxes or our personalized clock-towers to count off the ever-continuous forward march of time, christening gifts from Child to Cherish are the right way to go!

  If you’re looking for the perfect baby christening gifts, look no further! At Child to Cherish we truly believe that children are God’s gift to this Earth. If you share this deep-seated belief as powerfully as we do, then we’re sure to have something for you! Whether you’re looking for something purely ornamental like a photo-frame, or something that’s a bit more utile like a keepsake box, Child to Cherish’s impressively comprehensive lineup of baby christening gifts is sure to have something for you!