20 Feb 2014

Sensitizing Your Kids About Environment: 8 Practical Tips

Posted by Patrice Lowe

Many habits we learn as children stay with us our whole lives, so sensitizing kids to environmental concerns now will help them be a little more conscious and conservative in their adult life.

Here are some excellent tips to show children a good example for ecological stewardship:

  1. You weren’t born in a barn! Help children get in the habit of closing the front door upon entering or leaving the home. This will help keep the warm air in and the cold air out or vice versa and also keep out any unwanted pests. This same rule goes for your refrigerator as well, get what you need and close the fridge.
  2. Reusable containers. Pack snacks and lunches in washable, reusable containers or at least recyclable ones. Start a conversation about it so that they are aware of why reusing things is best.
  3. Ditch the car. Just headed down the street? Take a family walk to run nearby errands. You can also explain the value of combining your errands to reduce driving time and how that means less fossil fuel being burned.
  4. Start composting. Kids find composting really interesting and it’s a great way to learn a little science while recycling. You can find small compost bins fit for residential kitchens.
  5. Turn off the tap. Explain to kids that it takes energy and effort to make water clean. Tell kids to shut off the water while brushing their teeth and set an example while washing dishes.
  6. Use natural light. Open up the blinds or curtains and use natural light whenever possible and make sure to turn off lights whenever leaving a room. This can make for an expensive habit if they forget to turn off lights as they get older.
  7. Find new uses for things. Show kids how to clean out jars and tins for re-use and make fun craft activities out of repurposing old items. Turn cardboard into art materials or make a birdhouse out of bits of wood and metal.
  8. Plant a tree. Teach kids about how plants clean the air while also enjoying the opportunity to talk about basic science lessons and beautify your yard while you’re at it.

About the Author

Patrice Lowe is the owner and designer of Child To Cherish, a company that specializes in creating the finest children's gifts and keepsakes in the industry. Taylor's company puts their heart and soul into each unique baby gift and has won many awards for doing so. Taylor spends a lot of time volunteering through Child to Cherish, focusing on child safety and age appropriateness.

14 Feb 2014

Make This Valentine a Family Affair: Celebrate With Your Kids!

Posted by Patrice Lowe

Whether you are in a relationship with someone or single, Valentine’s Day is a day of love. Even if you have no one to spend it with, you could always consider spending it with your sweet kids. If you are interested in doing this, but aren’t really sure about ideas, here are a few to help you out along the way.

Dinner: Valentines Dinner for people in a relationship is a special dinner. Instead of having the same old dinner with your kids, why not create something really memorable that they will always remember. One idea is to make homemade pizza in the shape of a heart and let your kids help customize the pizzas with whatever toppings they want. You can even set up placemats and placards of family and children's names letting your children create them using construction paper, streamers, crayons, sparkles and more.

Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards: Get the whole family together with a few craft supplies like tissue paper, construction paper, markers and crayons, streamers and buttons, and have each member of the family make a card for another member. If you want to play it safe and fair, you can also put everyone’s names into a hat and let each person pick a name out. Whichever name they pick is who they have to make the card for.

Treats: If your kids are allowed to have candy, you can let them pick out a few candies and place them inside candy bags and attach those to the cards. On the other hand, if you want to get a little more creative, you can create little dessert items such as mini cupcakes in pink or heart cupcake tins, pink, red and white cupcake candy hearts or sprinkles, and icing to top it all off.

About the Author

Patrice Lowe is the owner and designer of Child To Cherish, a company that specializes in creating the finest children's gifts and personalized keepsake gifts in the industry. Taylor's company has a reputation for originality and uniqueness and continues to build timeless treasures, having won many accolades in doing so. Taylor puts a lot of energy into Child to Cherish and does a lot of volunteering through the company as well, being an ardent advocate for child safety.

11 Feb 2014

4 Fitness Games You Can Play With Your Kids

Posted by Patrice Lowe

As staying indoors becomes more appealing and convenient than outdoor play, not only are our children’s fitness levels dwindling but they are also losing degrees of spatial awareness and physical literacy. With the emphasis increasingly on scholastic achievement, physical prowess has become sidelined. It is making them clumsy and awkward. However, simple fitness games can engage both the child’s body and brain and put the fun back into exercise.

Here are 4 fitness games you can play with your kids and develop their physical literacy:

  1. Seed to Flower
    A game which incorporates both science and drama skills alongside physical co-ordination development. Encourage your child to curl up in a tiny ball and slowly uncurl, stand up, and stretch. Expand the game with different types of plant and have different stretch directions for trees, climbing plants and flowers.

  2. The Right Side of the Line
    You can name the opposite sides of the dividing line however you wish, indoors and outdoors or if you have a child who needs help differentiating left from right, it can be useful to assist in building confidence. Have your child jump with their feet together or vary the game with specific commands for hopping over the line.

  3. Copying Animals
    This game is a useful add-on to combine knowledge of the natural world with physical ability. Copying animals will inspire younger children to run, hop, climb and even find sleeping poses outside of their usual comfort zone.

  4. Follow my Leader
    Quite often the old ones are the best. Designate one child as leader and encourage them to set a hard path under tables, over chairs, through indoor and outdoor terrain that requires their followers to copy not just where they lead but how they do it.

About The Author

Patrice Lowe is the owner of Child To Cherish, a company that specializes in creating the finest children's gifts and keepsakes in the industry. Taylor's company puts their heart and soul into each unique baby gift and has won many awards for doing so. Taylor spends a lot of time volunteering through Child to Cherish, focusing on child safety and age appropriateness.

07 Feb 2014

Kid's Winter Fun Activity: Set Hot Chocolate Shop and Play

Posted by Patrice Lowe

Hot chocolate is a common drink choice during the cold weather. Many people love to curl up with a steaming mug on a chilly winter day and sip until they are warm and fuzzy inside. However, have you considered using hot chocolate for sensory play? Sensory play allows young children to develop their linguistic, cognitive, emotional, social and physical skills. They learn how to question and interact with their world as they engage with both new and familiar objects.

Teachers and parents alike enjoy mixing up sensory stations with seasonal items. One popular method for using hot chocolate in a sensory bin is to make hot chocolate rice. The only ingredients that you need for it are white rice, a Ziplock bag, chocolate extract and brown food coloring. Add the rice and a couple drops of chocolate extract in the bag. Add a few drops of water to help the extract color and saturate the rice. Seal the bag and shake it gently until the rice is fully saturated. Spread the rice out on a cookie sheet or similar object to dry.

Another popular method is adding hot chocolate instant packets or other hot chocolate flavoring to PlayDough, cloud or snow dough and similar sensory materials. There are free dough recipes readily available online. Please keep in mind that unless otherwise stated, these doughs are not edible.

Pour the dried or the prepared dough into a large tub or bin that can serve as the base for sensory play. Add additional hot chocolate items such as cups, spoons, marshmallows and a pot for cooking. Kids can spend hours on end mixing and concocting hot chocolate drinks. If they grow tired of the setup, add a cash register so that they can take turns playing customer and ordering their drinks.

27 Jan 2014

10 Creative and Lovely Piggy Banks for Your Kids

Posted by Patrice Lowe

Piggy banks are a great way to start your child’s education fund or save money for a rainy day, but if you think you only have the choice of the traditional “piggy” banks , think again! You have quite a few options to pick from.

  1. Owl Bank: This bank comes in the traditional shape of a pig, but drawn on it carefully are 2 colorful and owls on a branch.

  2. Ladybug Bank: If you have a girl that loves ladybugs, she will surely love this hand painted red and black ladybug bank!

  3. Astro Bank: If you have a boy that loves astronauts and space shuttles, he will love the Astro bank! The Astro Bank comes standard in a blue with yellow stars and has a space shuttle drawn on the sides.

  4. Flower Bank: All the brightly colored flowers make this the perfect piggy bank for any little girl’s room.

  5. Jungle Jack Bank: The Jungle Jack is a white ceramic piggy bank with a cute momma and baby giraffe hand painted on the bank. This is great for both girls and boys!

  6. Circus Bank: If your child loves clowns and circus animals, the Circus piggy bank is the way to go.

  7. Monster Babies Bank: If you want something really unique and cute, the Monster Babies’ bank has cute hand painted monster babies painted on the white piggy bank.

  8. Sports Bank: Great for the sports fanatic in the house, this bank is a white piggy with a variety of sports balls including baseballs, footballs, basketballs and soccer balls!

  9. Miss Madeleine: The Miss Madeline is a cute pink piggy bank for girls that is adorned with French accents like The Eiffel Tower and a French girl walking around with a poodle.

  10. Stitched Elephant Bank: Great for a boy or a girl, these banks come in various colors such as blue, green and pink. Rather than the traditional Piggy shape, it’s a cute white stitched elephant.

22 Jan 2014

6 Toys to Help Kids Stick to Their New Year’s Resolution

Posted by Patrice Lowe

Adults find it difficult to keep their New Year’s resolution, so you can only imagine how tough it will be for kids. The good news is that you can help your kids stick to their resolutions by gifting them toys.

Here are 6 toys that you can use to help your kids fulfill their New Year resolution:

  1. Piggy Bank.If your kid’s New Year’s resolution is to save money to buy other toys and comic books, gift them a personalized piggy bank . This will help your child stick to his or her New Year’s resolution and also inculcate a habit of saving money.
  2. Bicycling Helmet. Kids often try dangerous stunts with their friends. So if your child’s resolution this year is to ride his bicycle safely, a helmet will be a perfect gift for him! Your gift will keep his noggin safe and help your little one in keeping track of his 2014 New Year’s Resolution.
  3. Craft Set. If your child has made a resolution to watch less TV, help him or her by giving them a craft kit. Not only will this be interesting for your child but will also inspire your child’s creativity and imagination.
  4. ABC Blocks. Present your child with ABC-blocks to make learning fun and interactive. ABC blocks will help your little one learn to spell words and this is also a perfect gift for young kids who are learning a new language, words and spellings at school.
  5. Beanbag Storage Chair. Every parent knows how messy kids are with their toys and how often they are left out in a mess on the floor. Try and get your kid to make a resolution to keep his or her room clean this New Year. Help them by gifting them with a beanbag that has storage space. Your kid will love the beanbag chair and also find it pretty functional as a good-storage-space for his or her toys and other knick-knacks.
  6. Kids Desk Organizer. This is perfect for the child who loves to draw and color. A desk will also help you by making sure their work area stays nice and neat.

02 Jan 2014

Celebration Tips: Make This Holiday Memorable with Your Children

Posted by Patrice Lowe

Celebrating holiday with your children requires a little advance planning to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable night. Whether you have toddlers and are celebrating at home or you are taking your elementary school age children to a family friend's annual party, it is important to be well prepared. Consider the following options to make this holiday a fun and memorable night.

Prepare age-appropriate food and drinks Kids want to celebrate with their parents and will be frustrated if they can't have any of the best food and drinks. Make festive, bite-size foods such as pizza bagels, finger sandwiches, and single-serving tarts. Offer a selection of appetizers, dinner foods, and desserts. Don't forget to include a few healthy options like fruit . Punch and sparkling apple cider are great choices for drinks.

Set up booths with various celebratory activities Kids will not be bored all right or grow weary of adult-only activities if they have their own entertainment. Consider options that are fun for kids and adults such as a photo booth, complete with props, accessories, and funny photo ideas. Makeup booths, face painting booths and removable tattoo booths are also popular amongst children.

Have a dance and/or karaoke party What better way to ring in this holiday season than with a little singing and dancing? Choose songs that are appropriate for kids. Keep the mood lighthearted and fun without any pressure to dance or sing a particular way..

Have a slumber party with a movie and popcorn Do you have little kids that may not make it to midnight or that will get cranky if they aren't winding down during the later hours of the celebration? Pull out the sleeping bags and pop in a family favorite movie that the kids can enjoy with popcorn or another favorite late night snack.

19 Dec 2013

Involve Your Kids in Christmas Decor: 4 Craft Ideas for Children

Posted by Patrice Lowe

Christmas Decor is always a fun thing in the house. If you have children and you want to involve them in the Christmas Decoration or Christmas Tree Decoration process, it’s an easy, fun and great way to spend time as a family.

  1. Wreaths. In reality you could go out and buy a fancy wreath for up to $60 or you could buy a cheaper one that is already strewn into a metal frame and then allow your kids to create different objects and items to place on the wreath. You can buy various colored fabrics to make little fabric snowmen, trees or bows. Glue these items onto the wreath and hang either in the house or on the front door.

  2. Christmas Stockings. Plain Christmas Stockings you buy in a store are a thing of the past. Why not create one with your kids at home? All you have to do is to buy a plain stocking or make your own and allow your kids to add designs, letters, pictures or anything else they want with glitter, beads, buttons, felt etc.

  3. Crayon Apron. These cute little aprons are made from a variety of materials. But they include a large array of styles, patterns and colors. These little aprons include a Velcro or button enclosure, Crayola Crayons, a pad of paper for coloring and of course storage for all of the kids crayons.

  4. Candy Garland With Bows. Candy Garland can easily be made using any kind of a mint hard candy you want along with green, red or both bows. You can alternate between mint and bow, like adhering the bow to a wrap piece of mint candy using twist ties.
Involve Your Kids in Christmas Decor: 4 Craft Ideas for Children In reality you could go out and buy a fancy wreath for up to $60 or you could buy a cheaper one that is already strewn into a metal frame and then allow your kids to create different objects and items to place on the wreath. You can buy various colored fabrics to make little fabric snowmen, trees or bows. Glue these items onto the wreath and hang either in the house or on the front door.

10 Dec 2013

8 Cute and Useful Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids and Toddlers

Posted by Patrice Lowe

Christmas shopping for toddlers and kids involves appealing to their imaginations with color and charm. It's different than shopping for adults in the sense that younger gifts may be part of a temporary collection before being passed on to others as the child gets older. But it can also be an item worth saving to remember the child's development. These gifts can be more than cute expressions and be useful in terms of helping the child learn, create or store other items.

Below are some creative ideas for children's gifts:

  1. Handprint Kit. Keeping track of your baby's handprint becomes something worth saving to reflect on. This gift is made of non-toxic plaster.

  2. Piggy Bank. A hand painted piggy bank to match your child's favorite color helps build savings and affection for colorful creative characters.

  3. ABC Creation. A set of A-Z letters designed with funny characters can help your child learn the alphabet by spelling out words.

  4. Crayon Apron. A cotton apron with pockets that can be designed with washable crayons is a great way for kids to learn about art and colors.

  5. Christening. A "Baby's 1st Bible" is a way to get kids interested in King James version Bible stories at an early age.

  6. Time Out Spot. An item that reminds children to behave can still be cute such as a round mat with the picture of a lady bug, a flower or a pirate.

  7. Suitcase. A "Going to Grandma's Suitcase" that comes with a blanket lets kids pack their toys and learn how to keep track of belongings.

  8. A Block to Grow On. This box-shaped bank is an excellent way to document a child's development by writing milestones on the sides of the block while building up a block of savings.

29 Nov 2013

Cyber Monday: 5 Best Deals when Shopping for Kids

Posted by Patrice Lowe

Cyber Monday kicks off the week following Black Friday after Thanksgiving. Since its debut in November 2005 at it has been a buying bonanza for online shoppers. The idea actually was envisioned a few years earlier by a worker at which lets you order flowers online and send them as gifts through the mail. Amazon has since become the kingpin of online shopping.

Here are some Christmas gift ideas for kids that you can purchase on Cyber Monday:

  1. Books from Amazon If you already have a Kindle, iPad or other eBook reading device, search millions of titles on Amazon for ebooks to download. You can also order hard copies of books online if you don’t yet have a reader. They should make it in time for Christmas morning.

  2. Songs from iTunes Now there are many ways to listen to music online but iTunes is still the top online store for music. You can send people songs with the gift app or download songs to your computer and make CDs. It allows you to customize your own compilation. Books, movies and TV shows are also available at iTunes.

  3. Movies from Netflix Netflix lets you instantly stream your favorite TV shows and movies over the internet for less than eight dollars a month. The programs can be viewed on a PC, Mac, game console or mobile device.

  4. Apps and Video Games Apps have become a popular craze among kids and adults for mobile devices. There are many fun games and learning tools to choose from Apple's App Store via iTunes. Free video games can be downloaded at Games on DVD can be ordered from

  5. Printable Coupons Many national chains particularly Target, promote themselves with online printable coupons that can be downloaded from their websites. Visit sites like, or for deals.